Open 9 - 7pm


 Weekday special - enjoy unlimited golf for just $20.00  BC Hydro is in the early stages of rebuilding the substation so expect some delays and changes in the area.

No children under 12 without an adult present 

Face masks are mandatory during the check in/out process. We sanitize rental clubs after each use.  We have installed special modifications so you can easily get your ball out of the hole without touching the flagstick.

Murdo Frazer Covid-19 Safety Plan


During these unusual times we have devised a simple plan to keep all of you (and us too!) safe while you golf at Murdo Frazer.

The rules are few but we must ask for complete compliance to them and no deviations or exceptions to this plan will be allowed or tolerated.


  • No groups larger than four people allowed
  • No touching the flagstick
  • Keep social distance of 2 meters from all others
  • Please wear facemasks for the checkin/out process
  • No tailgating after your game. - clear the parking lot 
  • Do not shake hands before or after your game
  • Do not share clubs or any other equipment
  • One at a time in the proshop
  • Cards preferred method of payment
  • No practice before or after your game
  • Please be respectful of all others on course


By following these simple rules we can help keep eachother safe.  Terry and I thank you so much for coming and making the Northshore golf experience a safe and fun one.


Ian and Terry Cruse

Phone: 604-980-8410    Email: To avoid robots it's ian@ this site (



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